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A march of excellence and extensive expertise at the art and knowledge of war

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Our best wishes to our international students colleagues of brotherly and friendly countries to have a fruitful period in acquiring knowledge and education and ensure the brotherly, friendly, and cooperation ties with your brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt

B.S. of Naval studies
Naval Academy
11 / 2019    Details

staff officers (1)
Command and Staff College
7 / 2019    Details

war college (1)
Nasser Higher Military Academy
7 / 2019    Details

defense college (1)
Nasser Higher Military Academy
7 / 2019    Details

B.Sc. in Aviation (fighter-jets)
Air Force Academy
1 / 2019    Details

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Training Courses Brochure for international students

  • The Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) has a wide expertise at domains of training, education and previously built-up experiences through wars that EAF has waded into and combined exercises in order to exchange military information, different combat techniques and war principles by means of extensive military cooperation. EAF spares no efforts to provide scientific and training accompanied by practical experience to support training and education at educational facilities to accomplish an active role in training international students from brotherly and friendly states ant to provide science and knowledge in all general and specialized fields.

  • EAF has a wide experience in training and educational fields due to the experiences it has got from the battles it fought and the different joint exercises with most of countries around the world.

  • This brochure is issued to include various facets of qualification performed by EAF educational facilities in order to help qualification planners in brotherly and friendly states to specify their demands from different courses.

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